Kommende Sonderausstellung

    Was Wasser alles kann (ENG)


    Explore the most unique chemical of our blue planet!

    Water, vapour, ice: We know water in many forms. Most of the time, we encounter its liquid form – and when you think about it, there are very few chemicals – if any – that we deal with more often in our daily life.

    Water flows, it displaces air, it carries, it has special optical properties. We ourselves are composed of 60 percent water. In our body, it is a solvent and the main means of transporting nutrients and waste; it cools, it warms, it is a chemical reactant.

    The exhibition invites you to get in touch with water, experiment with it, explore effects you might not have noticed and rediscover known known effects.

    The explanatory texts are available in German and English language. We are sure you will find the exhibition interesting and enightening.

    Important! If you consider visiting the exhibition with a group, please drop us an e-mail (veranstaltungen-naturkundemuseum@bielefeld.de) beforehand to announce your visit, so we have a better estimate of the number of visitors on the day of your visit. We are expecting high demand for the exhibition – in a small museum; and we try to do all we can do to make your visit enjoyable.

    Opening on Sunday, March 10th, 2024
    1pm to 5pm, free of charge
    • competent guides in the exhibition, english speakers available if needed
    • creative handicraft for kids
    • small workshop: Water Experiments
    • coffee, cold drinks and cake

    An interactive exhibition by www.euroscience.de